Paperclip Challenge!


To kick off celebrations for the tenth anniversary of Huntly Summer School, we have set ourselves a challenge. Starting with a paperclip, we are going to trade and trade until we have something bigger/better for our summer school in 2019! 


The rules are:

- trades must be offered, we won't ask

- no money will exchange hands 

- all proceeds (whatever they may be) will go towards Huntly Summer School 2019.


We will update all trades on this blog with pictures of the items we have traded! 


Available for Trade

One solid steel paperclip available. It has the ability to clip music, documents, postcards to string ... you name it. Approx length 2.5 cm.

Interested? Email us at


NB: we will only use your email to reply to your offer of trade. It won't be used to send any other information.