Huntly Summer School

Huntly Summer School,

6 Broadwell Terrace,

Dursley, GL114JF

Tel: 07470 422545


Huntly Summer School

6th - 11th August 2018

Get involved with music this summer!


£40 for a week of tuition on the instrument of your choice

At Huntly Summer School, you can learn an instrument for £40. With experienced, professional musicians, learn how to play the instrument you always wanted to play, or try out an instrument you think you might like. Want to know more and learn about what classes we offer? Visit our Classes and Timetable page!

Free Instrument Hire

At Huntly Summer School, we provide instruments for free to those who require one. We want music to be accessible for everyone. How do we manage this? Visit our About HSS page for more information on our ethos, how we are funded and what our summer school is like. 


The Tutors' Concert: Free to Under 16s

We aim to make performance fun and inclusive at Huntly Summer School. All of our participants have the opportunity to share their new found skills with friends, family and the community at The Participants' Concert.

Our tutors are also professional musicians and every year collaborate to create the Tutors' Concert. This concert is a mixture of collaborative pieces as well as an opportunity for the tutors to share with the community what they perform in their professional life. This concert is free for under 16s. Want to know more? Visit our Concerts page for more information. 


Professional and Experienced Tutors

We hire professional musicians - who are experienced teachers -  to come and teach at Huntly Summer School. From a Professor of Guildhall Music and Drama to Bothy Ballad Award Winner: we bring the best to Huntly. Want to know more about our tutors? Visit our Tutors page for more information.   


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